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New Music

New Music is good for your health!

todayMay 24, 2023


Internet radio has made it possible for listeners to discover new music from around the world. Here at LiQUORiCE.FM, we believe that new music can bring fresh perspectives, sounds, and experiences, providing the audience with an enriching listening experience. In fact, listening to new music can have positive effects on your health and well-being. 

Here are five reasons why:

Emotional and Mental Well-being

Man listening to new musicMusic has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions and can serve as a powerful tool for emotional expression and regulation. Listening to new music can expose you to different genres, rhythms, and melodies that can stimulate your brain and evoke positive emotions. It can help uplift your mood, reduce stress, anxiety, and even alleviate symptoms of depression. Exploring new music can provide a fresh and exciting experience, expanding your emotional and mental well-being

Cognitive Stimulation

Image of brain with words that can be affiliated with new music Engaging with new music can enhance cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and creativity. When you listen to unfamiliar music, your brain actively processes the new sounds and patterns, stimulating neural pathways. This mental stimulation can improve your cognitive abilities and potentially sharpen your focus and concentration skills.

 Physical Benefits

woman relaxing listening to new music


Music has been shown to have a direct impact on the body, including physical benefits. Listening to new music can promote relaxation, which in turn can lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, and decrease heart rate. Certain types of music can also energize and motivate you, making physical activities more enjoyable and helping to increase endurance and performance during exercise.

Cultural Exploration and Connection

two men sitting together with guitarsExploring new music allows you to dive into different cultures and musical traditions from around the world. This exposure can broaden your horizons, foster cultural understanding, and create a sense of connection with diverse communities. It can expand your perspective, challenge stereotypes, and promote empathy and inclusivity.



Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Discovering new music can be a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. It offers an opportunity for self-expression and can help you understand and connect with your own emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Exploring new genres, artists, and lyrics can inspire you, provide new insights, and help you explore different aspects of your identity and interests.

Overall, the importance of new music cannot be overstated. It not only provides entertainment but also serves as a catalyst for social change, inspiring individuals to express themselves and promote positive values and causes. Thus, it is crucial for people to have access to new and emerging music genres and artists.

Radio has played a significant role in music discovery and consumption since its inception. With the emergence of internet radio, the reach of radio has expanded, and it has become an even more important tool for discovering new music.

The LiQUORiCE.FM Nu Music Show is one such example of how radio can improve access to new music. The show, which is broadcast daily, is dedicated to promoting new and emerging artists, with a focus on non-mainstream music. By featuring these artists, LiQUORICE.FM is helping to give them exposure and broaden their fan base whilst providing a curated, new music listening experience for the listener. You can learn more about the work we are doing to promote new music here.

Written by: Station Manager