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Victor has been working as a Freelance Content Writer for over three years. He is a firm believer in big dreams and realizing them. His work has been published in 316 quotes, Jesus Walks, Story Inside You, and Place of Hope Ministry among other sites. 

My Favourite Quote

 If the way you live isn’t  consistent with what you believe, then it’s wrong.

  • Does Zretro have Superpowers ?

    Amidst much anticipation, Hopestreet Recordings is about to release Zretro’s self-titled debut album.  Zretro vocalist Zima had a chat with DJ Osric from LiQUORiCE FM about how they got here. Zretro are a Naarm based duo made up of vocalist Zima and producer 2nd Thought. They are one of Australia’s […]

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